Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lightbox Construction

I venture into photographers' territory in this post to discuss the topic of the lightbox, which is a necessary and much used tool. These days anyone who posts multiple auction listings online or works on website construction in which good clear quality images are important knows the lightbox well. Most online tutorials on building one at home involve PVC pipe, white fabric, clip on lamps, and various colored solid fabrics for backdrops. The light is filtered by the white fabric and results in no shadow being cast.
I have been making adjustments to the lightbox that I put together this week, and realized that I did good in buying all the right pieces and just enough PVC pipe...waste not, want not. To give proper credit where credit is due I must direct readers to Bill Huber's site (http://www.pbase.com/wlhuber/light_box_light_tent)which had, after browsing several different construction layouts on other sites, the most "user-friendly." My only adjustments to these instructions were that I did not install any screws or use any glue. The pipe lengths fit snugly enough into the joint parts, and I will be able to collapse and fold my lightbox frame so that I can hang it from the ceiling when it's not in use.

Pictured below is one of a line of cone incense burners that will be sold on our site, measuring approximately 4 inches in height and 5 inches across. I had to make an adjustment to the backkdrop, but the photo comes out quite well with the three clip-on lamps on the outside of the frame and no flash on the camera.

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