Sunday, April 26, 2009

Connect with me...

Here's a quick announcement just to put the word out to please connect with me on Twitter @dkahauolopua, full website coming soon, more info as we get closer to launch date. I definitely would love to connect and network with other likeminded creative types of people that love to put their hands to use! One of my mottos is "...Making Something Out Of Nothing." If you agree with this perspective, let me know!


  1. Why yes I do! and here's my blog on that theme
    ...and happy Eggamas...

    OOooh! I the etsy site is a large moscaic I made of all recycled test glass pours from the bullseye art glass foundry (which a colleague used to be the foundry technician for...I have slabs of salvaged mosaic to my hearts content!) Gotta love the making out of nothing!

  2. And I failed to mention....your work is finely done! I'm enjoying your site.
    Stay in touch? or tweet you later!