Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beef Wellington...

I must first admit that to date I have attempted Beef Wellington ONCE so far. My friends Marshall and Dany had been dropping those two very words, as if it were some sort of forbidden fruit, an alluring yet unattainable creation. Then two New Years ago, my partner Keith and myself visited Marshall where he was living in Palm Springs at the time, and I had planted in my mind in advance that this was to be the weekend that I tackle the elusive Wellington. In a nutshell, buying the filet mignon for 6 people does not make for a cheap date! Not until I was almost out of time did I realize that the pastry dough needed to be re-chilled for a bit after wrapping the filet. It still turned out tasty, I incorporated a country style pate from Trader Joe's instead of the foie gras suggested to me by the Two Fat Ladies, but because I did not chill the dough before baking the crust it ballooned rather than staying compact. Oh well, first attempt over. Then, a revelation: a true and authentic approach to Beef Wellington presented to the world by chef Gordon Ramsay, incorporating English mustard, and an almost paste made from mushrooms. So easy you will not believe, and as soon as I make it myself I will most certainly report back with the results!

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