Friday, April 24, 2009

The Crane...

As I continue on this bumpy journey, I realize that i must push myself a bit harder to be consistent with blog posts. I made a verbal commitment to strive to reach my goal of one post a day, setting a small block of time to share a few thoughts. It has been two days since I caved in and FINALLY joined the facebook bandwagon, and I am wondering what I have unleashed. The bottom line is though that I am interested in reconnecting with old friends as well as making new ones, and as well as putting the talents I have out there for others to respond and react to. As I browsed my portfolio photos as well as those others that served to inspire, I came across this photo of a hat/headpiece someone created for a runway show. I loved the boldness of the design and color, but it also reminded me so much of life growing up in Hawai'i and learning how to fold the origami crane. As a young man I was asked to create a centerpiece for a family friend's wedding. I found a quite large piece of a tree that had unusually formed branches I just knew would work for what I had in mind, and I stuck the dried up tree in a large bucket of beach rocks and to it attached 1,001 red cranes that I had folded myself...somewhere there is a pic. Then, in 2004, between my sister and myself we designed a centerpiece for our annual Thanksgiving weekend party. She folded 2,004 gold origami cranes, sent them to me, and I created the dragon below. I mounted 2,000 cranes on red velvet in the shape of a dragon and the star is made with the final 4. WOW.

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