Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sparkle Studio Styling Flashback...

For the red carpet of their film project "Olive Juice," Leighanne Littrell asked us to spiff up a few choices for her and husband Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys. The name of their film in metal studs on Brian's shirt, and a shoutout for her hubby on Leighanne's sleeveless sweater.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Mosaic Tile Tables Added to

We have added a selection of smaller mosaic tile side tables to our site. Perfect for summertime lunches and teas on the patio, these are perfect alongside a chaise longue or a pair of poolside chairs. Each piece incorporates whole and fragmented vintage tiles thoughtfully arranged. Weathered painted wrought iron bases make these pieces compatible with many other different styles of indoor and outdoor furniture. Find us also on facebook and Etsy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wendy Fanny Pack Update!

Keith and I were very surprised and excited to receive in the mail two autographed cards signed by Wendy herself(!), thanking us for the fannypack that we embellished and sent to her. We will continue to follow her show as we do every day, she still might pull it out on air!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The "Weekend Wendy" Fanny Pack

Pictured above is our gift to Wendy Williams, what we are calling the "Weekend Wendy" fannypack. It is our homage to the outrageous and larger than life personality of Wendy Williams, whose show we are big fans of. It incorporates her favorite colors purple and pink metal studs and Swarovski rhinestones, and is attention-grabbing as the woman we have made it for. We hope she wears it and enjoys it, and shows it off on her show!

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*Our letter to Wendy:

David and Keith Company, LLC
Sparkle Studio /
8702 Sherwood Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Wendy Williams
Attn: Ultimate "Weekend Wendy" Fannypack
P.O. Box 2078
New York, NY 10101-2078

May 1, 2010

Dear Wendy! (From David and Keith in West Hollywood, CA)

We have been loyal and dedicated fans of your show all the way back to your "6 Week Sneak Peek," and are thoroughly entertained by all of the madness, the wonderfully upbeat audience, the Hot Topics, and the HAIR!

Our site shows some of what we do, Interior furnishings such as pillows with antique fabrics, and Fashion accessories such as one-of-a-kind bags and leather and rhinestone flower pins.

We know very well that you love FANNYPACKS! We saw fashion stylist Stacy London cringe when you mentioned it, and also heard you mention that you only had one black one and one beige one that you rotate when you're tipping out and about on the weekends. Sparkle Studio needs to know that you have one fannypack with a bit of OTT flair, so we have made for you a custom embellished lavender fannypack with your WW logo. We hope it brings a smile to your face when you are out sporting it, and that you wear it with the bag on the front so no one SNATCHES it!

We LOVE YOU, and wish you continued amazing success!

David Kahauolopua & Keith Webster
David and Keith Company, LLC
Sparkle Studio

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kevin Stea and That Rogue Romeo

Saturday, April 3rd marked the video shoot day of "City of Glass" by our good friend Kevin Stea, aka That Rogue Romeo. As a dancer and choreographer, Kevin has danced with literally everyone, everywhere. That Rogue Romeo is his current project as a solo artist. We provided Kevin with a custom black leather obi sash that looked great on! By all accounts the day sounded like it was a big success, and we can't wait to see the resulting video. We look forward to more collaborations with Kevin and creating bold and edgy leather accessories!

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photo courtesy of Marc Cartwright

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sparkle Studio Cuffs & Gauntlets

While other types of cuffs and armband gauntlets are worn with buckles and snaps, Sparkle Studio offers a creative alternative with grommets and adjustable leather laces. Made from remnants of vintage leather, denim and camouflage prints, these cuffs are often simply embellished with various combinations of metal studs and rhinestones, and the laces are meant to dangle after tightening to the desired fit and tied in a bow or loose knot.

While we are continually adding new things to our Sparkle Studio site, we do want to provide the following size chart so that you can best determine what will fit you best, and all you would need to do is take a measuring tape to measure around your wrist. With the lacing there is a bit of range in the wrist area to allow for slight size differences from person to person:

SMALL: wrist 6.5 - 7 inches around; cuff length 4"; gauntlet length 8"
MEDIUM: wrist 7.5 to 8" around; cuff length 4.5"; gauntlet length 9"
LARGE: wrist 8 to 8.5" around; cuff length 9"; gauntlet length 9"

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Monday, February 8, 2010

The 4 Corners of Sparkle Studio!

There are four locations where you can find out all about us and all that we have to offer. Sparkle Studio offers fashion accessories and interior furnishings. We incorporate vintage and antique fabrics, trims and beads, shells and tiles all to create a wide variety of products. As we mentioned previously, we have just launched our site and are currently only accepting sales through Paypal, though we plan to also accept all other credit cards very very soon!

*Find us first at our website
*Connect with us on facebook for the latest info and additions to our site
*Follow the monkey's blog, where we'll go deeper behind the scenes of what we're creating;
*Etsy is an extension of our site that also gives us further opportunity to connect with you!