Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How To Care For Your Sparkle Studio Cone Incense Burner

*About the design:
Antique coastal town souvenirs, shellwork "sailor's valentines," devotional shrines, "tramp art" of the 1920s and 30s as well as European grottoes have all served as inspiration for these original Sparkle Studio creations. All are comprised of a pair of large scallop shells and a mix of smaller shells with accents of glittered sand, loose rhinestones and gold leafing. Each one measures approximately 4 1/2 inches across at the base and 4 1/2" across the back, and each one also incorporates a 1 inch square of ceramic tile on which the cone is placed after it is lit.

*About the cones:

With your purchase of a Sparkle Studio handmade burner you will receive one free dozen incense cones to get you started. The cones are wrapped in packs of three, so you may choose up to 4 packs of any scent to equal one dozen. This is a list of the scents we currently carry:
-English Rose
-Nag Champa

*How to light and place cones:
Standard incense cones such as the ones we offer with purchase measure approximately one inch. The best way to light them is to hold the base of the cone in the tips of your fingers and light the top of the cone, letting it burn for approximately 15 seconds before blowing out the flame and carefully setting the cone on the tile square.

*How to handle & clean the burner:
Although the scallop shells are securely attached to each other, please use caution when handling your incense burner. Hold it under the base when lifting or moving it. All we recommend for cleaning the ash after each burn is a clean inexpensive paintbrush to carefully dispose of ashes in a safe receptacle.

*Where to order more cones:
Incense cones are readily available wherever incense sticks are. However, if you find that you particularly enjoy this method of burning incense, search the internet for the keywords "incense cones." There are many online incense & fragrance companies carrying incense cones that you would be able to order at a more affordable price, and some may offer up to 100 different scents! We recommend the 1" sized cone for these burners, as they burn for approximately 20 minutes, leaving the area of the burner with a wonderful aroma to enjoy! Thank you from Sparkle Studio.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Probably not a real word. In any case, I've switched into "pillow mode" this past week in order to get some thoughtfully planned ones for Sparkle Studio made. This is still a bit of a production since most of the "good stuff" - the French 19th century fabrics, 1940s damasks and vintage/antique trims are in storage bins. Instinctively I pulled a French 1930s cherub print and a coordinating pinstriped red velour, an amazing graphic floral 1960s print also from France that will either become pillows or maybe a couple differently shaped handbags. Tune in to see what becomes of my selections.

First up is a beautiful piece of Fortuny that I have been saving up for a special occasion. As mentioned previously, Fortuny fabrics are extremely collectible and very well documented. Because some of the higher end silk velvets can retail for up to $600 per yard, vintage Fortuny is highly desirable. This particular print is called "Fiori" that was produced in the 1940s and 50s, and is a beautiful floral design in pink and silver printed on cotton. Because my collection of vintage Fortuny is small, I have waited for the right combination of backing fabrics and trims in order to go ahead in the design and construction of anything with it. Also in very limited supply is my collection of antique French metallic trims, such as this 2" silver fringe that I will be incorporating into the 2 pillows i have planned for this piece of Fiori!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sparkle Studio hits facebook!

One of our tasks on our Multitasking List has been achieved: get Sparkle Studio on facebook! Now as the launch of our site is within sight (haha), we will be taking full advantage of various arenas to spread the word about, which of course will take just as much time as making new products for This is the one time I wish at least my arms could be cloned in order to get everything done! Become a fan of Sparkle Studio on facebook, see you there! Oh and by the way, I can officially reveal/unveil our logo here!