Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cherub Cards Incorporating Vintage French Fabric

These are two of our latest card creations for the Sparkle Studio website, both cut from the same vintage 1940s French printed cotton fabric, and both depicting winged cherubs. A limited number of each will be made for the site.

a 5" by 7" template allows us to center each design to best make use of this wonderful cotton fabric that would otherwise be too thin to make pillows out of. The pieces are then backed with an iron on webbing material that allows the fabric to be ironed directly to the card, rather than using glue and having the glue seep through the fabric. Each card is then bordered with a 3/8" coral grosgrain ribbon with handcut mitered corners. The fabric itself is then embellished with opalescent sequins and superfine glitter.

The cards are made from recycled cardstock and are blank inside. Enjoy these and more designs on our site as well as more designs to come! Join us on facebook as well!