Friday, May 22, 2009

Peter Callesen: Paper Genius

Peter Callesen, Fall, 2008

After giving kudos to one artist working wonders with paper, I just wanted to also mention Peter Callesen. Peter is a 41 year-old Danish artist/paper cutting wizard who creates mind-boggling large scale installations. He cuts an image or a series of images out of paper, and then a three dimensional piece is created out of the cut out pieces. Some of the installations take up an entire room, and the effect of viewing his pieces must be very impressive. I suppose in a small way I feel a sort of kinship to an artist like Peter or Katsuya Kamo in the previous post in that they take something almost nondescript - such as white paper - and envision something so creative that it takes the particular object above and way beyond its original purpose. Making a bold statement. Thinking outside the box.

Peter Callesen, Big Paper Castle, 2004

Please see more of Peter's work on his site.

Peter Callesen, White Diary, 2008

Peter Callesen, White Diary, detail

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