Sunday, June 21, 2009

William Morris Fabrics - "Garden Tulip"

William Morris (1834 - 1896) was not only a designer, but also a writer and scholar. He created many of the most recognizable fabric and wallpaper designs of the Arts & Crafts movement. Under his direction, Morris & Co. was a hugely successful company that still produces many of the original designs today. In my years working with vintage and antique fabrics we only came across one original set of curtain panels that had the hand sewn "Morris & Co." labels on them. Most of the draperies which were of a linen and cotton mix, were incorporated into pillows, however I managed to save for myself and my meager collection of "special" pieces two long strips (badly faded, shown below) of "Garden Tulip," which was originally designed by William Morris in 1885. Please read more about Mr. Morris and see more designs here. It seems as though the reproduction of "Garden Tulip" now sells for roughly $152.00/yard. Also below is a photo from the company site showing "Garden Tulip" in use as upholstery and drapes.


  1. Love Wm Morris's fabrics and design sense - interesting philosophy, too. Awhile ago there was a quilting fabric line of Morris-like designs and I have a bunch of those, but not sure yet what I want to do with them. Cora picked them out recently as ones she really likes (she is also a huge pre-Raphelite fan - yes!).

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