Saturday, January 3, 2009

the beginning:

i have been staring at the screen on and off for hours now - doesn't make a swell first impression. i guess it's because there's so much waiting to be unleashed, and i've been holding back, not only on starting a blog, but also SERIOUSLY going after all that's available out there to become a success. or even more of a success i should say. so here goes...

i hope that this blog will help me, by "putting it out there," to make clear exactly how i see the future from this point on going. after 16 years co-owning a business and shop with my uncle, it's finally time to, as mentioned before, unleash. my partner of 10 years, keith webb, and i have an opportunity now to take full advantage of what we have and the chance that we have been given to create our niche. we have a very small circle of supporters (u know who you are!) i will, however lead into it by talking about the things that i have designed and made for the shop i had in los angeles as well as custom-made items for clients. i realize that in the beginning i will primarily be talking to myself until people start tuning in!

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  1. Welcome to the blog world! I have fogotten how challenging it is to get started blogging- just the plan old- what the heck am I going to talk about stuff. My boyfriend recently decided to get into blogging a bit too. He now sits for hours at the computer figuring everything out- deciding what to blog about. Anywho- welcome!